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Medical Alarms from Freedom Medical Alarms

Available nationwide: connect to emergency medical assistance at the push of a button.

With both in-home and anywhere-GPS alarm options, you'll regain the independence you deserve. Learn more about how we can help provide freedom from worry.

Two elderly friends play cards while they wear Freedom Medical Alarms.

No extra charge for your partner or companion at home

Get your medical alarms from $15.25 per week*. An additional pendant for the in-home alarm for a second person at the same address is available at no extra charge.

*Your alarm could be fully funded. Speak to our team today.

Two pairs of elderly hands wearing Freedom Medical Alarm wrist pendants play cards.

New Zealand Trusted Medical Alarms Provider to Seniors, the Elderly, and those with Disabilities

No matter where you live in New Zealand, choosing a Freedom Medical Alarm means you’re directly connected to highly trained emergency call takers at the push of a button. If you or someone you care about is living at home with a medical condition, a Freedom Medical Alarm provides reassurance that help and support is immediately accessible, even if the phone is out of reach. Now that’s peace of mind!

Be well connected with a Freedom Medical Alarm - the only medical alarm directly connected to the Central Emergency Ambulance Communication Centre.

Freedom Medical Alarms is an accredited supplier of medical alarms by the Ministry of Social Development. We are governed by the Ministry’s service level agreement in relation to the supply of medical alarms in New Zealand.   Freedom Medical alarms is a member of Telecare Services Association New Zealand (TSANZ). 

Our in-home Freedom Medical Alarm is New Zealand's most cost-effective Ministry of Social Development accredited medical alarm, according to MoneyHub - New Zealand's Home of All Things Money. This alarm system costs just $15.25 per week, can be fully funded for those eligible for Ministry of Social Development government funding, and doesn't cost a cent more to have an additional alarm at the same address. Also, unlike other medical alarms, there's no charge for ambulance call outs resulting from a Freedom Medical Alarm activation.

Security & Comfort

By having a direct connection to the ambulance service, a response to a Freedom Medical Alarm removes the need to transfer important client information such as the client's address details, medical history, access information, and client status at the time of the incident.

Rapid Response

With Freedom Medical Alarms, when you push your alarm, it calls the Central Ambulance Emergency Communication Centre. Direct to the team that can dispatch an ambulance. We then notify all relevant parties such as your family and/or health care provider.

Who are we?

Freedom Medical Alarms is a nationwide service, jointly owned by HealthCare NZ and Wellington Free Ambulance. Established in 1998, HealthCareNZ is proud to work alongside over 20,000 New Zealanders to help them achieve greater independence and a better quality of life.

How do our alarms work?

Below is a short video illustrating what happens when you activate a Freedom Medical Alarm.

To see more details about how they work, please click the button beneath the video.

Freedom Medical Alarms Products

Freedom Medical Alarms are built here in NZ by 100% Kiwi-owned company Chiptech, a leading force in medical technology. There are a variety of devices to choose from and after a complimentary consultation with a specialist, you can find the right device that best suits you. Here is our range of medical alarm devices.

Feel safe and comfortable around your home and garden, with our in-home SEVEN LiTE base unit and accompanying wrist or neck pendant.
Live your life with no limits - the 4G GO Pendant uses NZ cellular coverage to stay connected no matter where in the country you roam.
Enjoy the best of both worlds: use the GO Pendant when you’re out and about, and let our Home setup do the heavy lifting when you’re home.

Waterproof wearable device

Emergency ambulance charges included

Government-funded options

Coverage in and around the home.
*GO Pendant will rely on cellular coverage

Works wherever you go in Aotearoa New Zealand

Stay safe with your home base unit while the GO Pendant is charging

Plan Includes

Home base unit

Home wrist/neck pendant

GO Pendant alarm with charger

Please note
*MSD Disability Allowance clients who select the GO pendant will be provided with a home base unit at no extra cost.
**Coverage in and around home is reliant on cellular coverage.
***A replacement fee applies if the roaming alarm is lost or damaged.

Freedom from worry could be fully funded*

Video: discover the benefits of having a Freedom Medical Alarm

Freedom Medical Alarms is a Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) accredited supplier, approved by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). You could get the medical alarm system fully funded, provided you are eligible for the Disability Allowance.

If you are not eligible, a private rental cost is just from $15.25 per week. This includes the lease of equipment, installation fee, ongoing maintenance, and monitoring.  

Find out if you are eligible by visiting the MSD website, or better yet, talk to a specialist from the Freedom Medical Alarms team who will explain to you in detail about the criteria and any other questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Freedom Medical Alarms is a nationwide organisation with regional representatives based all around the country. Our free-roaming GPS tracked GO Pendant will operate anywhere in New Zealand with a cellular network.

The alarm consists of a base unit and a pendant. The base unit plugs into mains power and automatically connects to the cellular mobile network to send alarm signals. When the pendant is activated, it dials directly through to the Ambulance Communication Centre. You will receive a phone call back through the base unit. If there is no reply from you an ambulance will be dispatched immediately. See a full explanation on how the Freedom Medical Alarm works.

The private rental for the home based medical alarm is $15.25 per week and $29.00 per week for the GO Pendant alarm (for use out and about). This includes installation, the lease of the equipment and the monitoring and maintenance of the alarm. We prefer our clients to pay fortnightly by direct debit but other payment options are available.

Freedom Medical Alarms is one of five Work and Income New Zealand accredited suppliers therefore if you qualify for support, our medical alarms can be fully funded through the Disability Allowance. For more information about assistance from Work and Income New Zealand you can phone 0800 559 009.

If you are transported to hospital, your nominated contact person(s) will be phoned to let them know of your condition and location.

If you go away, we appreciate a phone call to let us know, so we can put a note on your file. If you are unsure when you will be returning it is handy if you can give us a call when you return.

Your pendant is fully waterproof in both hot and cold water and we encourage clients to wear them when bathing or showering as this is often when slip/fall events occur.

There are two options for keys. The most preferred method is to have a key safe installed, or hide a key on your property and instructions on how to find your key will be kept confidentially on your electronic file. These instructions are kept completely confidential and will be given to the paramedic responding to your call.

If you have a computer and use the internet the alarm will not be affected. You can be using the internet and activate your alarm and it will still dial through to the ambulance service.

The batteries in the pendant are designed to last for approximately five years. When they begin to run flat a signal is sent to us and we send out a service consultant to change the battery. The base unit has the added assurance of a back-up battery in case of mains power failure.

The alarm unit tests itself automatically every 24 hours. You will not hear anything. The alarm sends through a test to our monitoring centre and if there are any problems we will be in touch in the morning. Your pendant is tested every 175 days. You will be phoned by one of our team and asked to perform a self-test, which helps to ensure you remain familiar with its operation.

You can simply give us a call and let us know. A service consultant will then be in touch to arrange a time to come and replace your pendant at no extra charge for the first two lost or damaged pendants.

A replacement fee applies if there is a need to replace the mobile pendant or base unit due to loss or damage.

In the Wellington region there is no charge for ambulance call outs. In other regions, if you do receive an emergency ambulance bill from St John after activating your medical alarm for help, simply send it to us and we will arrange prompt payment for you.

Yes, we can provide an additional pendant at no extra charge for your companion living at the same residence. This is exclusively for the home-based unit only.

Freedom charges in advance for manual invoices and in arrears for direct debit payments.

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Our Partners

Freedom Medical Alarms is a jointly owned business between HealthCare NZ and Wellington Free Ambulance.
We are also part of New Zealand's largest healthcare network.

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