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Golden Years Summer Safety

With the arrival of warm weather and longer days, even less-than-adventurous Kiwis start to head outdoors to make the most of summer. For seniors, this can mean excellent opportunities to stay active and savour the sunny days while they last. Whether it’s simply heading out for a stroll in the local park, going to the beach with the grandkids, or getting the garden in good shape, summer activities are a great way to boost both physical and mental health, particularly in the golden years. Of course, outdoor expeditions – no matter how low key – do come with their own risks for seniors. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that if anything does go awry, help is close at hand.

An emergency medical alarm is one way to provide an extra layer of reassurance when you’re out and about. With a direct connection to triage specialists at the emergency ambulance communication centre, devices like those offered by Freedom Medical Alarms can make summer that much safer. Here’s just a handful of examples of how a medical alarm can provide peace of mind and freedom from worry for older adults heading out to enjoy the sunny months.

Summer strolling

Getting out and about in nature can work wonders for both muscles and mind frame, and while climbing mountains or setting out on Great Walks might not be on the agenda, summer is the perfect time to soak up a few rays at the local park, wander through nature reserves, and enjoy relaxing walks on the beach.

This kind of gentle exercise isn’t too risky in and of itself, but being able to quickly contact emergency specialists in case of an accident or unexpected medical event can make all the difference. Freedom Medical Alarms’ GO Pendant works anywhere with 4G cellular reception, so older individuals can savour getting out and about in nature worry-free.

Garden grooming

At certain times of the year, gardening is more of a chore than a pleasure – but with the early morning or late afternoon summer sun shining down, tending to a veggie patch or giving flowers the attention they need to thrive can be delightfully therapeutic. This is the perfect time to plant green-thumb favourites like courgette, cucumber and pumpkin, and the light exercise helps to strengthen joints and maintain muscle tone.

Given that gardening is often a solo activity and presents opportunities for trips and slips, it can be reassuring for seniors to know that they can send for help at the touch of a button. Freedom Medical Alarms’ in-home wrist and neck pendants work well both in the house and when pottering around your own yard and garden, providing invaluable peace of mind. Knowing that emergency experts can be quickly called upon if needed, older gardeners can simply enjoy the tranquility of tending to their plant babies.

City sights

While summer holidays might not mean quite as much when you’re living the retired life, this season is perfect for vacations and city breaks no matter what age you might be. Southern destinations like Queenstown, Christchurch and Dunedin are markedly warmer over the summer months, while beach town favourites such as Paihia, Raglan, and Tauranga are in their element at this time of year.

Whether they’re hopping from town to town in a motorhome or beelining for a single destination, seniors can rest assured that a Freedom Medical Alarms GO Pendant is designed to work all across the country – as long as someone is in range of 4G cellular reception, a couple quick button presses will connect them with the emergency ambulance communication centre.

With both in-home and 4G powered on-the-go models available, Freedom Medical Alarms is proud to be helping Kiwis all across the country to find a little extra peace of mind and get help when they need it most. Best of all, many seniors and disabled individuals are eligible to have their alarm system fully government funded! If you or your loved ones could benefit from the safety and reassurance of a medical alarm, get in touch with us on [email protected] – our team would love to help in any way we can.

This post was originally published on New Zealand Doctor.

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