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Golden Years Summer Safety

Senior woman waters plants in her garden.

With the arrival of warm weather and longer days, even less-than-adventurous Kiwis start to head outdoors to make the most of summer. For seniors, this can mean excellent opportunities to stay active and savour the sunny days while they last. Whether it’s simply heading out for a stroll in the local park, going to the … Read more

Noticing Your Parents Need Support: How to Help

An elderly woman wearing a medical alarm hangs out her laundry.

Christmas and the summer holiday period in New Zealand is well known for bringing people together, providing an opportunity to catch up with loved ones we haven’t seen for a while. While these are often times of joy and connection, sometimes they can also be a sober reminder that our parents or older relatives’ health … Read more

Under the Radar NZ Summer Holiday Destinations

Lake Tekapo with lupins in the foreground.

With the prospect of a hot, dry summer ahead of us and the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about travel plans. While booking accommodation and activities for the most popular spots may already be getting a bit tricky, in New Zealand we’re blessed with hundreds of beautiful holiday spots which can … Read more

Help at the push of a button

emergency help at the push of a button

Patients continue to be reassured that help and support is readily available thanks to the ongoing partnership between Wellington Free and Freedom Medical Alarms. The service connects patients directly to the Wellington Free Ambulance Clinical Communication Centre and the highly-trained Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs) at the push of a button. Waikanae resident Marie had a … Read more

Freedom Medical Alarms named accredited supplier for Ministry of Social Development

Freedom Medical Alarms named accredited supplier for Ministry of Social Development

Freedom Medical Alarms, the joint venture with Wellington Free Ambulance, is thrilled to be named an accredited provider of medical alarms through the Ministry of Social Development.  The new two-year contract means Freedom Medical Alarms is accredited to supply those who qualify through Work and Income under the Disability Allowance.  As part of this contract … Read more

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