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Emergency Ambulance Services

Be directly connected to medical emergency triage specialists.

Never worry about ambulance charges again: when you call for help using your Freedom Medical Alarm, we cover the emergency callout fee no matter where you are in the country. Call the team today on 0800 380 280.

Freedom Medical Alarms is a partnership between HealthCare NZ and Wellington Free Ambulance. A key emergency ambulance provider for the Wellington community since 1972, Wellington Free Ambulance is committed to providing the highest quality  clinical care in emergency situations, pre-hospital care, rescue and transport services.

But don't worry if you live outside the Wellington region: Freedom Medical Alarms is directly connected to ambulance services across the entire country.

Connect directly to 111 ambulance nationwide

No matter where in New Zealand you live, when you activate your Freedom Medical Alarm you’ll be directly connected to the central ambulance 111 communication centre, so there’s no transfers or delays in getting the help you need. Gain the confidence that emergency triage specialists are just a button press away with Freedom Medical Alarms.

Areas we service

A Wellington Free Ambulance on the side of the road by a coastline.

Freedom Medical Alarms has nationwide coverage throughout New Zealand. In the Wellington and Wairarapa regions any ambulance callouts will be covered by Wellington Free Ambulance at no charge. In the rest of the country, when you activate your Freedom Medical Alarm, ambulance callouts will be handled by St John – this will incur a charge from St John, but don’t worry: just send us the charge and Freedom Medical Alarms will take care of payment.

What to expect when using our ambulance service

As soon as you press the button on your Freedom Medical Alarm, the device will send a signal directly to your base unit. The base unit will then give a short pre-alarm warning so you have the chance to cancel the alert in case of an accidental activation. If you don’t deactivate the alarm via the base unit during this time, an alert will be sent from the base unit to the central ambulance 111 communication centre and emergency triage specialists will attempt to call you. Even if you  can’t reach your phone, your base unit’s two-way speaker gives you the ability to speak with the operator.

If you are using a GO Pendant, everything that would usually be handled through the base unit, such as cancelling an activation or speaking with an emergency operator, will be done directly through the GO Pendant itself.

After establishing contact with you, the operator will take you through an emergency triage process to determine your needs and make certain that you receive the right kind of care in the right timeframe. If for any reason the operator is unable to contact you, an ambulance will be dispatched.

In the Wellington Region, any ambulance call-outs will be handled at no-charge by Wellington Free Ambulance, while elsewhere in the country any bills resulting from a Freedom Medical Alarm activation can be sent on to our team and we’ll take care of it.

man hurting

When you need help

A fall, accident, unusual pain or medical emergency happens when you’re at home or out and about.

medical alarm icon

Click the button

Press the button on your wrist, neck or GPS GO pendant – you’ll see the device light up in response.

emergency call centre icon

You are connected

You’ll quickly be connected with emergency triage specialists at the central ambulance service who will speak to you through your alarm base unit (with standard neck and wrist pendants) or through the device itself if you’re using a GO Pendant.

ambulance icon

Help is organised

Depending on your situation, the emergency responders will then give expert advice or dispatch an ambulance.

man hurting

Fall happens

An accident or medical emergency happens when you’re at home or out and about.

medical alarm icon

Click the button

You press the button on the neck, wrist pendant or GPS pendant you're wearing.

emergency call centre icon

Get connected

This connect you to emergency ambulance communications centre though standard phone line or mobile cellular network.

ambulance icon

Help is on the way

Advice is given or an ambulance is dispatched to your home depending on the situation.

Standards We Meet

As a medical alarm provider, Freedom Medical Alarms is a member of Telecare Services Association of New Zealand (TSANZ). We are compliant with the following TSANZ specifications and codes:

  • Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) Specification Part 1
  • Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) Specification Part 2
  • Code of Practice for Telecare Services Association of New Zealand
  • Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct for Telecare Services Association of New Zealand
  • Code of Professional Responsibility for Telecare Services Association of New Zealand
  • Telemarketing Code for Telecare Services Association of New Zealand
Freedom Medical Alarms abides by all other relevant New Zealand legislation, such as the Privacy Act 2020. We are also compliant with Ministry of Social Development (MSD) Code of Professional Conduct for Accredited Suppliers of Monitored Medical Alarms. 
Wellington Free Ambulance is fully accredited as compliant with the following sector standards:
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • NZ 8156: 2019 (NZ Standards for Ambulance, Paramedicine, and Patient Transfer Services)

Scope of certification: The supply of land emergency and paramedical services for ambulance, patient transport and events, utilising the communication centre and resources based at the Thorndon Head Quarters and stations located at: Newtown, Thorndon, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Wainuiomata, Johnsonville, Porirua, Paraparaumu, Masterton and Greytown.

Our Products That Connect to Ambulance Services

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