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In-Home Medical Alarm Wrist Pendant

People living independently will benefit from the safety and security that our medical wrist pendant offers around the home and garden.

An elderly woman wearing a medical alarm wrist pendant takes off gardening gloves.

Medical alarm wrist pendant with innovative technology

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Designed to quickly connect you to emergency triage specialists in case of an accident or unexpected medical event, Freedom Medical Alarms’ wrist pendant can be worn on your person at all times, even to bed or in the shower. These easy-to-use devices can be used all around your home and property, with a typical range of 300m+ to the base unit in open air.

Our in-home medical pendant comes in two different configurations, so if you’d prefer to wear yours around your neck instead, Freedom Medical Alarms has that option available too.

How our medical alarm wrist pendant works

Wrist Pendant Button Pressed

The outer rim of your wrist pendant will flash red: a signal is being sent to ambulance services.

Seven base unit
Base Unit Activated

A loud alarm will sound from the base unit, and the Help button will light up red.

Seven base unit
“Your alert has been sent…”

Voice messages base will play from the base unit, keeping you up to date with the status of your request for help as it progresses.

Wrist pendant features

Designed to be worn 24/7, our wrist pendant features a comfortable polyurethane wrist strap with a 100% nickel-free steel buckle. This resilient device gives you the confidence that help is never more than a button-press away. Discover more about the benefits of a Freedom Medical Alarm.

Easy to Use

Get connected with emergency services at the press of a single button.


Safe to use while showering or bathing – these units are fully waterproof.

Quick Response

Our average time from alarm activation to response is less than 30 seconds.


Operates at an impressive range from the base unit: typically 300m+ in an open air environment.

Long Lasting

Typical-use battery life of 5 years: the alarm will notify you when the battery charge falls to 20%, allowing plenty of time to request a replacement.

Fully Supported

Features a 24/7 monitoring and response system, is silently tested every 24 hours, and battery will be replaced for you as needed.

Freedom Medical Alarms Products

FAQs about our Medical Alarm Pendants

For seniors, or those with a medical condition or physical disability, having access to a 24/7 monitored medical alarm provides peace of mind, increased safety, and the freedom to pursue a more independent lifestyle.

Each pendant is equipped with batteries that are designed to last for approximately two to five years. When the batteries in your device start to run low on charge, the pendant notifies us, and we send out a service consultant to change the battery. In case of mains power failure, the in-home base unit features a back-up battery for added assurance.

Freedom Medical Alarm pendants are designed to be worn at all times. They are both hot and cold waterproof, and can be safely worn while sleeping. It’s best to keep your device on your person, as they are intended to help you when you have an unexpected accident or medical event.

Our in-home wrist and neck pendants are intended to be used in and around your home and garden, with a range of 300m+ in an open air environment. However, our GO Pendant is designed to be used anywhere in the country with cell reception: all communication with emergency responders can take place directly within the device, with no need to rely on a base unit.

Your alarm silently tests itself every 24 hours, sending a signal through to our monitoring centre. If any problems are flagged, we’ll be in touch in the morning to let you know and arrange next steps. Additionally, every 175 days we’ll get in touch and talk you through performing a self-test on the pendant.

If you are eligible for a WINZ Disability Allowance through MSD, your Freedom Medical Alarm pendant can be fully funded. However, you can still enjoy the safety and peace of mind provided by our monitored pendants even if you don’t qualify for WINZ funding. Private rates for a Freedom Medical Alarm start from just $15.25 per week, including equipment lease, installation, ongoing maintenance and 24/7 monitoring.

For those who are eligible for a Disability Allowance from the Ministry of Social Development, your Freedom Medical Alarm pendant can be fully funded, and an additional in-home pendant can be provided for one other person living at the same address, at no extra charge.

Yes, you can wear your pendant in the shower: both the in-home neck and wrist pendants, and the mobile GO Pendant, are hot and cold waterproof.

Yes, there are. If you want the security of an in-home medical alarm pendant while you’re out and about, you can opt for the GO Pendant. Designed to operate anywhere in New Zealand that has cellular reception, the GO Pendant is fully mobile and doesn’t require a base unit.

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